Kylon is a cryptocurrency produced on Bsc SmartChain network with the use of blockchain technology. Besides, it is a modern civilization coin produced using blockchain technology in the context of contributing to the benefits of Non-Governmental Organizations to humanity. The starting point of this project is that Kylon team is philanthropist and also supports philanthropist people. Philanthropy is defined as a voluntary donation of one's time expertise or assets for social benefit. Philanthropist people lead the way in providing opportunities for disadvantaged people with strategic donations rather than random donations. They support people not by giving ready-made fish but by providing them with fishing equipment and training them on how to fish.


To create the world's largest donation system in the field of crypto produced with blockchain technology to improve the living standards of people in need around the world,and to become the best cryptocurrency in its field by developing our project where people can donate with crypto.

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Kylon aims to turn crypto investors around the world into a kind of donor individuals. To create a reliable and functional philanthropy methodology. While we are mostly focused on supporting medium-sized organizations with strong local influence in their fields of activity, we are also aware of the effectiveness of large international aid organizations.That's why we created a strategy to support both types of NGOs. We will donate the revenues we generate in proportions determined by the team and through community voting. We will create permanent solutions to alleviate the material damage that people experience due to financial inadequacies. Lack of education and health problems and to reduce the impact of natural disasters.

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Why Kylon was produced on the Binance SmartChain network?

According to the whitepaper on the bsc network site. its working architecture is based on a system of 21 validators with the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus algorithm (Consensus). Bsc is a better solution than Binance Chain in terms of function. speed and versatility. It features interoperability with next-generation solutions such as passive income in the DeFi world. it is a network that stands out due to the high transaction fees.

Donations via Kylon are processed into the blockchain in a customized way using Bsc SmartChain. All donations are recorded in a transparent and fair environment. The mentioned environment was created using blockchain technology, which makes the donation process unique and hack-proof.

Blockchain technology offers the benefits of blockchain technology without introducing unnecessary risk or ongoing costs (bank transfer fees. time. etc.) while providing a seamless and transparent experience to the donor/user.

We preferred the Binance SmartChain (BSC) network because of its advantages in terms of low transaction fees and speed.

The Binance SmartChain network is a platform that has solved the scalability problem experienced by Ethereum. Gas fee is approximately 1/40 cheaper.

It is preferred by many investors due to its low transaction fees. Thus. since the usage rate of Kylon will be higher than the other networks more support will be provided to NGOs as for production purposes. In other words. the more the Kylon in Bsc is used, the more donations will be able to reach NGOs.